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ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE

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ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE

ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE
ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE

Large Image :  ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Best
Certification: API/CE/ ISO /
Model Number: 1/4' -48''
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pcs
Price: 1200 usd/ton
Packaging Details: Regular shipping packaging or depends on customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Supply Ability: 10000 Ton/Moth
Detailed Product Description
Standard: ALLOY 800 Duplex Satinless Steel SEAMLESS PIPE Grade: ALLOY 800
Size: 14'' Place Of Origin: China
Material: 2205/2507 Production Year: 2018
High Light:

duplex stainless steel tube


duplex steel pipes

Production Name :+RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE

Special Products – Tool Steels
P20 + S, 420 and 420 ESR 
− Hardness as supplied 280-325 BH
− Improved machinability to P20 with good polishability
Typical Applications
− Plastic Moulds, Mould Frames and Pressure Casting Dies
− Sleeves of Recipients
Typical Heat Treatment
− Refer to Information for P20 
Specialty –
AISI 420 and 420 ESR
- Plastic Mould Grades
Typical Analysis
Characteristics: +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE
− Corrosion resistance plus good polishability
− Good machinability due to the additional calcium treatment
− For severe applications 420 ESR is suggested
Typical Applications
− Moulds for processing corrosive plastics 




from 1/8" diameter to 12" diameter.
− Sheets are stocked from 26 GA to 10 GA. Maximum width 60".
− Plates are stocked from 3/16" to 3".
− T303 CD Rounds, Hexagons
− T304/304L Rounds
− T304 HRAP Flats, Slit Edge and Mill Edge
− T304 CD/HRAP Hexagons
− T304 HRAP Angles
− T304/304L 2B and #4 Finish Sheet/Coil
− T304/304L HRAP Sheet/Coil
− T304/304L HRAP Plate
− 309S Plate
− T310/T310S Plate
− T316/316L Rounds
− T316L CG Rounds
− T316L HRAP Angles
− T316/316L PSQ Rounds
− T316 HRAP Flats, Slit Edge and Mill Edge
− T316 CD/HRAP Hexagons, Squares
− T316/316L 2B Finish Sheet/Coil
− T316/316L Plate, HRAP
− T317L Plate, HRAP
− T410 HT CG/RT Rounds & NACE MR-01-75
− T410 CG Rounds
− T416 PSQ Rounds
− T630/17-4PH Condition “A” Rounds
− T630/17-4PH H1150 (NACE) Rounds
− 15-5PH
− Duplex 2205 (UNS S31803) Rounds
− XM-19
− 13% Chrome
− 9Cr-1Mo
− Alloy 20Cb3
− Duplex 2304 Plate (UNS S32304)
− Duplex 2205 Plate (UNS S31803/S32205)
− 904L
− 1925 HMo Plate (6% Molybdenum)


4140 CD and Hot Finished Seamless Mechanical Tubing, L80 & P100
− Stainless Steel Ornamental Tubing
− Non-Magnetic Drilling Components, Staballoy AG 17TM
− Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Non-Magnetic Steel, Datalloy 2TM
− Nickel/ Cobalt Alloys 400, 500
− Nickel/ Cobalt Corrosion Resistant Alloys, C-276, C-22
− Tool Steels Drilling/Mining


Continuous Cast Iron Bar – Pearlitic Gray Iron - G2
− Continuous Cast Iron Bar – 80-55-06
− Continuous Cast Iron Bar – 100-70-02


Carbon Steel Bars (Hot Rolled) are stocked from 1" to 24" diameter.
Cold Finished Steel Bars are stocked from 1/8" to 8" diameter.
− 1018 Rounds
− 1040/ 1045 Rounds
− A105/A350-LF2
− 1018 Cold Finished Steel Rounds, Squares, Flats
− 12L14 Cold Finished Steel Rounds, Hexagons
− 1045 Cold Finished Steel Precision Ground Shafting
− 1045 Cold Finished Steel Chrome Plated Shafting (Imperial & Metric)
− 1045 Cold Finished Steel Induction Hardened, Chrome Plated Shafting (Imperial & Metric
− 1144 Cold Finished Steel CD Hi-Strength


Aluminum− 6061 T6 Rounds
Bronze Cast
− SAE 660 Bearing Bronze (C93200, ASTM B505)
− Alloy 954 Aluminum Bronze (C95400, ASTM B505)

Alloy Steel bars (Hot Rolled) are stocked from 3/8" to 26 ½" diameter

− 3312 Annealed Round

− 4130 Heat Treated Rounds, API 6A
− 4140 Annealed Rounds
− 4140 Annealed Hexagons, Squares, Flats
− 4140 HTSR Rounds
− 4140 Plate
− 4140 Rc 22 max Rounds
− 4140 Cold Finished Steel Chrome Plated Shafting & HTSR Precision Ground & Cold Drawn
− 4145H Mod HTSR
− 4150 Calcium Treated HTSR Rounds
− 4330+V Modified, HTSR
− 4340 Annealed Rounds, CQ and AQ, squares & flats
− 4340 HTSR Rounds, CQ and AQ
− EN30B Quench & Tempered Rounds, Annealed Rounds
− 8620 Hot Rolled Rounds, and cold finished
− 52100


Alloy 800 nickel pipe is strong and resistant to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures. Resists sulfur attack, internal oxidation, scaling and corrosion in wide variety of atmospheres.
Typical applications include heat exchangers, process piping ,carburizing fixtures and retorts, heating element sheathing, nuclear steam generator tubing and other components.

Stock Size Range:

OD:1/2" through 6"
Wall:Schedule 40 through Schedule 80
Specifications: ASTM B407, ASME SB407

Typical Chemical Composition %
Nickel 30.0-35.0
Iron 39.5 min
Silicon 1.0 max
Sulfur 0.015 max
Carbon 0.10 max
Manganese 1.50 max
Copper 0.75 max
Al 0.15-0.60
Cr 19.0-23.0
Ti 0.15-0.60


Typical Mechanical Properties
Annealed 1000 psi
Yield Strength (0.2% offset) 65 min psi
Tensile Strength 25 min psi
Elongation % in 2 inches 30


Technické dodací předpisypro ušlechtilé oceli
ČSN 42 0251:1989 “Trubky ocelové bezešvé se zaručenými vlastnostmi za vyšších teplot”
DIN 17175:1979 “Bezešvé trubky z žáropevných ocelí” jakostní stupeň I
ASTM A 106:2004 + ASME SA 106:2004 “Všeobecné požadavky pro bezešvé trubky z uhlíkových ocelí pro práci za vysokých teplot”
ASTM A 192:20021 “Specifikace pro bezešvé kotlové trubky z uhlíkových ocelí určených pro práci za vysokých tlaků”
ASTM A 210:2004 1 “Specifikace pro bezešvé trubky kotlové a trubky pro přehřívače z ocelí se středním obsahem uhlíku”
ASTM A 333:2004 + ASME SA 333:2001 “Specifikace pro bezešvé a svařované ocelové trubky pro práci za nízkých teplot”
ASTM A 530:2004 + ASME SA 530M:2001“Všeobecné požadavky pro speciální trubky z uhlíkových a slitinových ocelí”
ASTM A 450:2004 “Všeobecné požadavky pro trubky z uhlíkových, feritických slitinových a austenitických slitinových ocelí”
NF A 49 – 211:19891 “Ocelové trubky bezešvé s hladkými konci z nelegovaných ocelí pro dopravu tekutin za zvýšených teplot”
EN 10208-1,2:19971, 1996 “Ocelové trubky pro potrubí na hořlavá média“
EN 10210-1,2:1994, 1997 “Za tepla válcované duté profily pro konstrukční užití z nelegovaných a jemnozrnných konstrukčních ocelí“
EN 10216-2:2002+A1 2004 “Bezešvé ocelové trubky pro tlakové účely” Část 2 – Trubky z nelegovaných ocelí se zaručenými vlastnostmi
za vyšších teplot
EN 10216-3:2002+A1/ 2004 “Bezešvé ocelové trubky pro tlakové účely” Část 3 – Trubky z legovaných jemnozrnných ocelí
KN 45 11081:1997 “Pažnice typ III pro hlubinné vrtání – technické dodací podmínky”
Rourovny mohou po dohodě dodávat bezešvé trubky hladké jak z neušlechtilých ocelí, tak v kotlovém provedení z ušlechtilých uhlíkových ocelí podle dalších
zahraničních norem, pokud jejich rozměry odpovídají rozměrovému rozsahu trubek vyráběných podle DIN 2448, ASTM B36.10M nebo ČSN 42 5715
a ČSN 42 5716.


ISO Large Diameter Steel Pipe , Seamless Stainless Steel Tube P20 S +RURY +GRUBOŚCIENNE 0
SX-Clad pipe offers
• Higher mechanical strength due to 100% bonding
• Excellent weld ability, heat transfer and thermal stability
• Proven corrosion resistance of the NiCr family of alloys
• Thinner walls and less weight compared to solid CRA pipe
due to the higher strength of the carbon steel host pipe
• Superior mechanical properties because both components
have wrought structures
• Easy fit-up and field welding, thanks to process control
of the CRA and host dimensions.
A complete range of cold-formed fittings can be produced from all SX-Clad
combinations – 1:1 produced from standard sized SX-Clad pipe. No special
dimensions and tolerances are needed as starting material for the fitting
Diameter Range: Current range up to 14” O.D.
Wall Thickness: Up to Schedule 160
(special thicknesses available)
Length Range: Up to length 12,80m/ 42 ft. (depending
on O.D. and wall thickness)
Clad Thickness: Typically 2.5 mm to 4 mm (0.10” to 0.16”)
(special thicknesses available)
Available Combinations :
Host Materials CRA Materials
Carbon Steel SS304/304L
High-yield Grades SS316/316L
Low Alloy Steels SS317/317L
Stainless Steels SS321/321H
Chrome Moly Steels SS347/347H/ SS904/904L
Alloy 825/Alloy 625 & Others

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